RCM has expertise in a wide variety of tax return preparation; however, we do not stop with tax compliance. We also excel at tax planning for businesses, individuals and families. We know that saving tax dollars whenever and wherever possible is a high priority for all of our clients. You can count on us always to be alert to ways to reduce your tax liabilities. Since we make it our objective to familiarize ourselves with our clients’ business and personal tax situations, we can be especially effective in creating individualized and innovative approaches that minimize exposure while maximizing benefits. We are aggressive in presenting options and work strategically with you on implementing them. Still, we don’t let tax implications overshadow the economics of a situation. We will look for the best possible solution to maximize savings and minimize risk while meeting your goals.

When it comes to choosing a tax accountant, choose wisely.

The choice you make can have a dramatic impact on your business or personal tax situation. RCM maintains a code of professional conduct as designated by the AICPA, which provides guidance and rules to all members, including those in public practice, government and education. The professional code also ensures that the tax accountant you choose meets standards of continuing education to ensure current compliance and familiarity with new tax codes and revisions.

Contact one of our tax partners, Nicole Harrigan or Dave Barber, for more information about our tax services.